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Moriz Büsing

Hello, I’m Moriz!

I’m an independent full stack developer from Vienna, Austria. I help people and companies build exceptional digital products and websites.

A decade of experience in the industry enable me to deliver quality experiences on time and in budget. Before freelancing I worked at german fintech company N26 and, before that, led the tech team at award-winning digital agency wild.

I’m a generalist that likes to solve problems and get stuff done. I like to choose boring technology and consider myself a grug brained developer.

I’m open to new opportunities and always looking for interesting projects to work on! Reach out below.

I worked on projects for:

Google N26 KHM Samsung Meta Spotify IKEA Wien Tourismus Google N26 KHM Samsung Meta Spotify IKEA Wien Tourismus Google N26 KHM Samsung Meta Spotify IKEA Wien Tourismus Google N26 KHM Samsung Meta Spotify IKEA Wien Tourismus


What I can do for you

MVP Development

Great ideas need great execution. I’ll help you build your MVP from concept to launch. We’ll work together to define the scope and build a product that will get your users hooked.

After launch, I’ll help you iterate and improve your product based on user feedback, fix bugs and help you hire a team that sets you up for success.


Want a fast website that converts and ranks well? I build websites with great core web vitals, performance and SEO.

Looking for something fancy? I can build an interactive experience that will blow away your audience. Projects I have worked on have won dozens of awards.


I can set aside a given amount of hours per week to help out your team in the day-to-day.

I can help you with building new features, setting up infrastructure, fixing bugs, code reviews, performance improvements and technical consulting.


Have a great idea but need a technical cofounder? I’m always open to meet new people and hear ideas. Send me an email and we’ll figure out a time for an intro call.

I have already launched a few side projects and might eventually stop freelancing to focus full time on a SaaS or other software products.

Recent Work

This is what I’ve been building lately


AI for creatives: upload files for an AI to analyse, or let it search google for keywords, and come up with creative ideas for marketing or unique insights about the material.

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Python
  • FastAPI
  • OpenAI


Lifestyle travel platform featuring instant accommodation search and filtering. Map view with clustered accommodation layers. Built with Next.js and Supabase

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Supabase
  • Algolia


Collaborative tool for developers that streamlines solving git merge conflicts. Built with React, Next.js and Yjs.

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Yjs


Business data management tool for the enterprise. Built with React and Next.js.

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Cypress
  • Jest


I’ve learned a thing or two over the years

React development

React has been my daily driver for most of my career. I know the ins and outs and can help you build a great product with it.

Node.js and express

I have built a few APIs with node and express. I can help you design and build a fast and reliable API that will scale with your product.


I can help you set up testing pipelines with React Testing Library, Jest, Cypress and more. Make sure your stuff doesn’t break as you continue to work on it.


I have built many websites and apps conforming to different WCAG standards and can help you make your product or website accessible to everyone.


I like to use react-three-fiber (based on three.js) to build interactive 3d experiences effectively. I can help you build a 3d website or product configurator.

Collaborative applications

I use Yjs to build multiplayer applications. I can help you build a collaborative application where users can work together with others in realtime.

Let’s build something together!

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