MDX support in NvChad with treesitter

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This is largely an extension to this blog post with some updates and some changes to specifically make it work in NvChad.

1. Add an mdx filetype

Add to ~/.config/nvim/lua/custom/init.lua:

  extension = {
    mdx = 'mdx'

2. Register markdown as the parser for mdx files

In your ~/.config/nvim/lua/custom/plugins.lua file, add or replace this item in the plugins array:

    opts = overrides.treesitter,
    config = function(_, opts)
      dofile(vim.g.base46_cache .. "syntax")
      -- tell treesitter to use the markdown parser for mdx files
      vim.treesitter.language.register('markdown', 'mdx')

3. Add tsx highlighting

Create a file .config/nvim/after/queries/markdown/injections.scm with this content:

; extends
((inline) @injection.content
  (#lua-match? @injection.content "^%s*import")
  (#set! injection.language "typescript"))
((inline) @injection.content
  (#lua-match? @injection.content "^%s*export")
  (#set! injection.language "typescript"))

Again, refer to phelipe’s blog post for how and why this works.

That’s it—you have decent mdx support now.